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      Huangshan Xinlian Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd established in 2013,is one of Sanlian forging (Wenzhou sanlian, Wuhu sanlian and Huangshan Lianxin) 3 production bases, located in china hangshan- she xian economy&development area, close to highway, train station, and Huangshan airport. Company inherit sanlian forging development concept: innovation continuously, pursue outstanding, become industry leader, strive for international top class brand. Company main produce auto parts, main apply to engine, transmission, chassis and suspension systems. [More]

      Address: No.002,Xingzhi Avenue, Second Ring Road, Huangshan, China.
      Contacts: David.Tan
      Tel: +86-559-6900001
      E-mail: lianxinjx999@163.com
      Fax: +86-559-6900018

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